When you hear the name of a famous brand, there’s probably something that happens without you even realizing it: you conjure up the company’s logo colors in your mind. Starbucks: green and white. Ikea: blue and yellow. FedEx: purple and orange.
Color has such a powerful effect on our brains! Think about it – the colors you choose for your logo will not only give people certain feelings, but they’ll tie those feelings back to your brand. With that in mind, you’ll want to choose the right logo color combination and understand what colors work best together. To keep your logo simple and memorable, aim to use no more than three colors, with one of those colors being either black or white. We’ve chosen some of the best color combinations (complete with a bit of color psychology) to inspire your next logo design. Let’s dive in!

1. Yellow & red

This bold color combination immediately draws your eye to the center of the logo. The vibrant red and unique layout of the company name pops against the happy shade of yellow, creating a sense of energy and playfulness.

2. Black & yellow

Like the smiling monkey symbol in this logo, the bright yellow used is full of energy and delight. The almost-black shade of grey, popular within the entertainment industry (especially nightclubs), has an air of mystery and intrigue.

3. Purple & pink

Warmth, playfulness, and ambition wrapped in one! The bright pink in this logo adds a spark of energy, while the purple acts as a mature counterpart. This color combination is often seen in industries such as beauty and blogging.

4. Blue & green

Blue and green are often associated with tranquility, but this electric blue and lime green exude energy and youthfulness. A bright color combination works particularly well in the fashion, media, and entertainment industries.

5. Orange & purple

Uncommon color combinations can be risky, but when they work, they work! This pairing of warm peach and eggplant purple is both elegant and unique. Consider this combination for a fashion, beauty, or home furnishings brand.

6. Red, navy, & yellow

Feeling bold? Try an electric trio of colors! The bright red in this logo complements the cheery yellow and regal navy, exuding power and confidence. Try using a color combination like this for an entertainment or restaurant brand.

7. Purple & yellow

Want a logo full of wisdom? Use an optimistic and energizing yellow with a rich purple to spark feelings of creativity. This classic complementary logo color combination is popular in the restaurant and education industries.

8. Pink & blue

A delicate pink paired with navy blue gives off a playful yet trustworthy vibe. The navy pops against light background, creating a beautiful contrast. Consider this pairing for a logo if you’re in the beauty, blogging, or wedding industries.

9. Black & red

Daring and surprisingly inviting, this fierce logo color combination dominates and instills a sense of power and energy. The intense red draws the eye to the company name, while the black provides a grounding background color.

10. Blue & turquoise

If it’s intelligence, confidence, and trust that you’re after for your logo, try combining blue and turquoise. The colors are from the same color family, but are different enough to create a striking duo, with the turquoise used sparingly.

11. Orange & blue

Make your audience feel excited about your brand while instilling trust with an orange and blue logo. This complementary color duo is a classic yet powerful pairing and is popular in the technology and banking sectors.

12. Blue & white

This peaceful sky blue and white combo is a definite crowd pleaser, communicating feelings of trust and tranquility. Creating a logo with this combination ensures flexibility across industries, from non-profit to tech to health.

13. Yellow & green

This youthful yellow brings life and energy to the otherwise calming green in this logo color combination. Yellow and green are often seen in industries such as agriculture, cleaning, and environmental services.

14. Black & orange

This black and orange logo is a strong yet friendly pairing. The orange provides a dose of optimism, while the black is a professional and grounded counterpart. This logo color combination would work well for the film and music industries.

15. Blue & pink

Want your logo to evoke professionalism while maintaining a friendly look and feel? Opt for a navy and hot pink logo color combination. The vibrant pink radiates against the blue and works well for industries like beauty and blogging.