Andrew Bell and Dead Zebra, the biggest names in all things to do with ornamental Android figurines, have announced some Christmas-themed Android figurines ahead of the Christmas holiday. Available in blue or red, the figurines also have an attachment at the top which will allow them to be hung on your Christmas tree.

These figurines will go on sale Tuesday, December 10th at 11am EST and again at 11pm EST on the Dead Zebra Shop. Each figurine will be $10 with a maximum of 2 figurines to be purchased by any one buyer (in any colour combination you prefer). There will also be a limited number of a “Tree Pack” bundle, which costs $90 and will include 10 of the Christmas Android figurines, 5 in blue and 5 in red.

Unfortunately, the timing of the shipments will mean that only buyers ordering within the U.S. will get their figurines before Christmas, sorry international readers. Oh, what are these tears that are running down my face?…

Who’s going to get some of these Christmas ornamental Android figurines? Let us know if you’re successful in ordering some, I’m willing to bet that these will be sold out very quickly.


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