Apple iOS 7.1 comes with some important updates including CarPlay, changes to how Siri works and a much needed revamp of the iOS Calendar app

Apple has released the iOS 7.1 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This is the first major update for Apple’s new mobile operating system and includes the addition of Apple CarPlay as well as some significant UI changes.

The update’s major addition is that of Apple CarPlay which will let you interact with iOS 7 through your car in select vehicles this year. The feature was first announced at WWDC and has since been on display at the Geneva Motor Show with Ferrari, Hyundai, Honda, Volvo and Mercedes Benz all confirmed as releasing cars with CarPlay this year.

20140312-xl_Apple CarPlay

Another major update is to Apple’s calling screen with the traditional ‘swipe to answer’ display now replaced with two simple ‘hang up’ or ‘answer’ buttons. Apple has also updated the iOS Calendar app for iPhone and iPod Touch reverting back to a layout that was favoured in iOS 6 which lets you see events in ‘Month’ view.

Siri has also been given a minor but important update, rather than automatically presuming that you’ve finished speaking you simply hold down the Home button then let go when you’ve finished as you would with a two-way radio.

Last but not least Apple has updated the camera app for iPhone 5S letting you enable HDR as the default setting.

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