Seems Santa probably makes a stop at Apple factories before he begins his rounds

In hardly surprising news, data shows that Apple products comprised slightly more than half of devices activated around Christmas time. This comes from Yahoo’s analytics firm Flurry who said quite rightly “Santa is no longer into cookies – he prefers Apples.”

While Apple captured 51.3 per cent of the devices activated around Christmas, Samsung managed 17.7 per cent and coming up third was, surprisingly, Nokia at 5.8 per cent.


20141230-flurry data

Where did Xiaomi, HTC and Huawei feature? Only one per cent, but this is likely attributable to Christmas not being quite as big a gift-giving ocasion as it is in Western countries.

Could that change in future should these companies expand further into the US? Perhaps but what is evident is that the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus probably were behind the bumper sales for Apple in Christmas.

Apps were also activated on Christmas, with a big upsurge in games and messaging apps. Other interesting trends – more phablets appeared with the iPhone 6 Plus being the number one device being activated.

While consumer tech numbers were down, Apple is bucking the trend still. Now, whether they can manage that next Christmas is another story.

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