Following up on the WWDC 2013, announcement of new iOS 7 kids categories for the App Store, Apple has emailed registered developers in order to help them prepare any child-friendly apps they may be submitting when it goes live. The email says, in part:

You can only choose one age range for each app. Apps approved for the Kids category will still have a primary and secondary category, but will also appear in a new, separate area of the App Store. To assign the Kids category to an already existing app, submit a new version of your app for review. Starting this fall, the currently existing Kids subcategory for game apps will no longer be displayed on the App Store.

Categories remain ages 5 & under, ages 6–8, and ages 9–11. We’ve been lobbying for a kids category for a long time, and it’s great to see Apple doing not just that, but doing it by age, and putting some real effort behind it.

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