There’s nothing worse than having to fumble around in your pockets for a set of cars keys while your Apple Watch is ringing off the hook with incoming emails, Tweets and calendar alerts.

It may be the dictionary definition of a #firstworldproblem, but Porsche and BMW have decided to tackle the pressing issue head-on. They’ve released bespoke Apple Watch applications that allow owners to access a number of car functions from the wrist.

First up, Porsche’s Car Connect can visualise most of the information available from the marque’s current smartphone app in one handy, wrist-mounted package. For example, Porsche owners can see whether windows, doors, boot lid and sunroof are closed.



They can even lock the car with a press on the watch face and locate their wheels using navigational instructions from the tiny screen. Once the owner is in the vicinity, they can command their Porker to sounds the horn and flash the lights for added “look at me, I’ve got a Porsche” effect.

The app also connects to Porsche’s range of hybrid vehicles, allowing the owner to monitor vital battery levels from afar.

BMW’s i Remote works in a similar way and allows i3 and i8 customers full control over their hybrid motor’s remaining range, heating and cooling systems, as well charging schedules.

Users can quickly and easily see remaining range, as well as locate the nearest charging points on a map.

A special “preconditioning” function works particularly well on BMW’s all-electric and hybrid vehicles, as it allows the cars to be heated or cooled while plugged into the wall, thus saving precious battery juice to get home.

All of these functions are already available via iOS and Android apps but they look way cooler when activated from a watch. We think.

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