Here’s have some fantastic wall lighting solutions that we want to share with you. It’ pretty awesome and practical. You can DIY yourself (if you know how make it), make your home become a special home . Let’s take a look!

1.A Mouse house

This little mouse house was created by Anna. It’s so adorable and warm. Hope this little guy will be good always.

2. The curved wood

This wall are pretty cool, it’s seems like you can break the board and the the light will be spilled out from the wood board.

3. The page.

This wall are suitable for kid’s room .The light come out from the corner seems like you flip a corner of a paper.  And also like little night light, the light not too strong but warm.

4. The sunset.

Amazing sunset! Hey, look carefully , it is a floor light!

5.The fish shadow

It’s pretty funny if you have children. Children will love this so much ! The fish just like ” swimming” on your floor!

6.The flip wall

When you flip it , the lights will spill out behind the wall. That’s cool and funny ,isn’t?