In the past few years, the free community has introduced a lot of free photo galleries. Although each site seems to contain a lot of material, you may also notice a lot of duplicate photos. This is very easy to appear and be used by others. Photo problems, this time you can find a relatively small gallery.

The “Bara Art” to be introduced in this article was produced by Bara Cross, a Czech graphic and product designer. In his spare time, he has used his spare time to combine photos taken with his digital monocular camera into a gallery website, which is free for download by users! Compared with other free galleries, the number of photos is not large. The advantage is that these materials are more unique, and you can get higher quality imaging through professional photography equipment.


According to Bara Art’s instructions, all photos on the website can be downloaded for free, suitable for personal or commercial use, and can be edited or modified without the need to indicate the source. The only limitation is that photos of Bara Art cannot be resold, although they are completely free. After browsing, I found that Bara Art is set up by WordPress. Users can find pictures by classification, tags or search. If you like, you can save the picture and use it.


Open the Bara Art website, click “Photos” above to see the full list of photos, and the right side has categories, tags and search functions. These photo materials look very lifelike, and they do n’t feel like a library. But it does n’t mean that these photos are randomly taken. You can see that the themes of the photos are very clear and have good quality.


After clicking into the single photo page, there will be a larger preview image, and you can also see the subject, photographer and shooting time from the bottom. Quite simply, right-clicking on the photo will open the menu, and choose Save Image As…



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