In home security increasingly attach importance to the social background,
family security door bell is widespread industrial cutting tools are tough, appear too single.

Under the impetus of the industrial trend of intelligent 4.0 at the same time, this kind of
inspirational intelligent visualization doorbell arises at the historic moment.

Smart technology can be incorporated into the doorbell to better protect the security of the family,
using a ingenious symbolization to redefine the doorbell category, highlight its intelligent property.

Classical geometry elements make it easily into a variety of usage scenarios, function partition design
effectively reduce users’ learning cost, optimize the use of experience. Pain points for the traditional doorbell products,
visitors identity, lingered detection, visitors video calls, long life, super clear night vision and ultra wide Angle of view,
does not have the function of traditional products.

Hidden violence prevention can effectively remove the structure optimization of installation experience.

So it can provide more effective protection for household security.