In 2012, Baidu launched the Baidu Netdisk personal cloud hard drive service, which is loved by many users. This product includes computer and mobile phone applications. You can also access the web version through a browser without installing software, share or Download files shared by others. Baidu Netdisk has a large number of various resources and is loved by many users (it is also the Internet hard drive with the highest market share in mainland China). There have been cases in which Taiwan’s IP was blocked by Baidu Netdisk. “Access page There is no problem with the inability to download files. Even registering a Baidu account is very difficult. If you need to share files outside of China, you can consider alternatives.
The “Dubox” to be introduced in this article is known as the “overseas version” of Baidu’s network disk. The operator popIn Inc. is a subsidiary of Baidu in Japan. This service provides free 1TB of large space, no traffic speed limit, and supports web version and also provides iOS , Android applications. The interface of Dubox is clean and concise, and it looks very similar to Baidu Netdisk. It can be used immediately after logging in with Facebook, Google, and Apple ID.


Dubox does not allow access to IP addresses in Mainland China. If you connect from China, it will directly display the error message “Dubox is not available in this area.” In addition to simplified Chinese, there are also English, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Indonesian languages ​​that can be switched.


During operation, Dubox can upload files or upload folders, which are displayed according to file types such as pictures, documents, videos, and music. Dubox provides the function of generating file sharing links. Customize the validity period of 1 day, 7 days or 30 days, and will also generate an “extraction code”, which will automatically become invalid after expiration. If you want to open the Dubox download page, you must enter the correct extraction code to access the file.



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