Firefox had a great 2013. An infographic, which you see below, highlights some of their accomplishments and notable facts. At 15 years old, Mozilla is hitting their stride, specifically with mobile. Their OS is gaining ground, and the browser sees routine updates for Android.

The Android version has also seen 50 million downloads, according to Mozilla. That’s 10% of their total userbase, making Android a focus for their mobile efforts. Of course, they also launched their HTML5-based Firefox OS, which caught the attention of many. If Firefox can produce a mobile OS, Chrome fanatics will naturally look to Google for the same. Firefox OS, while still new, makes good use of web apps rather than native.

Mozilla is also taking this opportunity to tout their security prowess. Noting that 13% of mobile users choose to utilize their ‘Do Not Track’ option, they stake claim to their diligence of your browsing security. They are also the “#1 most trusted internet company”, according to the Ponemon Institute.

A thoroughly good 2013 will hopefully lead to a great 2014 for Firefox. they do have an uphill battle, though, as Google is starting to put Chrome on all Android phones. Having been doing so for about a year, it’s only a matter of time before Chrome is on nearly every Android device. With an average Play Store rating of 4.4, it seems those looking for an alternative certainly have a strong option in Firefox.

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