vCam AS3 v1.1 for Flash!

For those who aren’t familiar with vCam, I’ll offer a brief explanation. In 2005, Sham Bhangal and Dave Dixon released the original vCam or “virtual camera” for Flash.  Let’s say a Flash developer is working on an animation and wants the animation to pan from left to right.  Without the vCam, the developer would have to create tweens for each layer in the timeline.  Using the vCam, however, the developer can animate a single vCam instance on the timeline to create the same pan.  Simply place the vCam on the left side of the stage and create a motion tween to the right side of the stage. Publish out the file and the scene pans with a single  tween! The original vCam can also be used to adjust size and add color transformations.

Now vCam AS3 brings a new array of options with added features including:

– Rotation
– Blur
– Brightness/Contrast
– Hue/Saturation
– and more!

Sham and Dave were very generous and offered the original vCam free of charge. Therefore I am also offering this new version for free. Have fun all!

The animation below shows the vCam AS3 animated on the stage:

The animation below is the resulting swf file:


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