Before this, I introduced a special highly-acclaimed free resource “Sozai-Page Japanese Food and Ingredients Free Photo Gallery, Pure White Background High-Resolution Photo Download for Commercial Use“. The material in this gallery is based on various foods and ingredients. With great photography, these photos have high resolution, and the background is white or black monotone, which is more capable for designers to use. If you have had experience in shooting food, you should find that it is not easy to take food photos that are moving with your forefinger. If you need more food or food-themed photos, you can also go to food galleries such as FoodiesFeed and Food shot Look for it.


This article recommends “Food.foto” is a very useful free Japanese food gallery, mainly containing high-resolution photos of ingredients, from here you can find a variety of ingredients, cuisine photo materials, including fruits, vegetables, cooking, desserts, tableware and Drinks, users can preview online or download for free without registration!


The photos included in Food.foto are of very high quality, and even have a feeling of shooting advertisements and posters, and the shooting settings are quite flexible. Take the subject of tomatoes, vegetables, etc., even the fruits has many different shooting methods and combinations. , With a simple, clean background set can be almost directly applied to the project you need. Although the webpage is only available in Japanese, most of these types of galleries can be used to find pictures. You can find the materials you need by clicking on the pictures. The operation is not too difficult.




How To Download :

Visit Food.foto gallery, you will see the introduction and some featured pictures on the homepage. The main menu can be found in the sidebar.

If you are not as familiar with Japanese as I am, it does not matter, you can find all the category pictures and names directly by selecting “カ テ ゴ リ 一 覧” (list of categories) from the top. It should be easier to find pictures!

When you actually browse the Food.foto gallery, you will find that this site does not look large, but there are many pictures. Click on the picture page to have more detailed information, including picture title, number, authorization information, resolution, and usage specifications. How to download the original picture? It’s very simple, click “high resolution ダ ウ ン ロ ー ド” below the picture (the red circle is selected as shown below).


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