Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone won’t come with a curved screen. At least that is according to the latest report from Korea.

Citing unnamed industry sources, the Korean Herald says the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with a flat screen. There had been suggestions Samsung may debut the 2014 edition of its flagship smartphone with the same curved screen seen in the Galaxy Round.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Round last month.

However, according to the source, the reason the Galaxy S5 won’t come with a curved screen isn’t because Samsung wanted to go with a flat screen.

Rather, according to the paper, Samsung has not been able to manufacture the its curved screen – known internally as Youm – in sufficient quantities.

The company is said to have been concerned that if it did launch a smartphone with a curved screen, it may mean it lost out on sales.

Samsung is reportedly planning to launch a high-end curved phone by the end of next year though. At this moment, it is unclear if will be a new phone, or a curved Galaxy Note 4.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 should be announced by the end of March.

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