More or less every internet company encounters performance issues from time to time, no matter how big they are. Google is not excluded here, of course. The Mountain View giant had issues with their services in the past and will have them in the future, though those are usually smaller problems and can be quickly solved by the company. We’re talking about all sorts of bugs and glitches here. Well, Google Malaysia was disrupted recently, but bugs or glithces didn’t cause that. Anyhow, read on.

Google Malaysia’s website was down today (Tuesday), it actually redirected the users who tried to access it to a hacked page saying “Google Malaysia Hacked by Tiger-Mate #Bangladeshi Hacker”. It is rather obvious what happened here, Google Malaysia has been hacked by a person who even left his signature all over the attack. Google swiftly contacted the organization which manages the domain name (MYNiC) in order to fix the issues as soon as possible. Here’s what Google Malaysia’s spokesperson had to say: “We’re aware that some users are having trouble connecting to, or are being directed to a different website. Google services for the domain are not compromised.”

The MYNiC is actually operated by the country’s ministry of communications and multimedia, same goes for every website that ends with “.my”, at least according to the company’s website. Malaysia Airlines website encountered similar issue back in January without any significant consequences. We’re seeing more and more such attacks, though it seems like everything will be alright this time around as well. Security has become unbelievably important, we do use our computers, smartphones, tablets and other tech more and more. A lot of people actually transfer money via their gadgets and what not, which makes those devices even more interesting to hackers. Let’s hope that we’ll see less and less such situations this year, people get really upset when they see such a successful attack on a huge corporation like Google.

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