Four days ago Google announced the fifth iteration of the Nexus handset line up, the Nexus 5, featuring a quad-core chip, 4.95-inch display, 8MPix camera and more.

It appears that the Nexus 5 wasn’t the company’s last card for 2013 though. If you head over to Android’s official website and then select apps and entertainment, then scroll down a little you will spot a picture of a mysterious tablet posing. It is quite identical to the 7-inch form-factor of the family. The sole difference between these two seems to be taking place on the display, as the unidentified device features a slightly larger one. I presume we can say that we are looking at the Google Nexus 8 – in case the display is actually 8 inches.

What is interesting here though, is the fact that we haven’t seen any rumors suggesting a potential launch for the particular device. And frankly, it makes sense since there is no point in selling two devices which are 1-inch different. There would definitely be a problem on the pricing procedure, let alone the fact that vast majority of consumers would opt for one, leaving the other with low-demand, which essentially would lead to a financial failure.

From my standpoint, I think that the company did that deliberately for whatever reason – maybe give us a heads up on what’s coming next. It is implausible to see such a device except if Google decides to discontinue the Nexus 7 product line. Why would they do that? Because they will eventually hit the issue mentioned above with the Nexus 6 or 7, which will release with a 6-inch screen size at some point. Then the Nexus 7 will be redundant, hence a Nexus 8 could be a possibility in that occasion. In conclusion, if Google indeed intends to manufacture an 8-inch tablet, it would be no sooner than 2015.

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