Fresh off of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 announcements yesterday. There’s now a new version of the Google Play Store out. As well as a bunch of other APKs which we posted last night. The newest version is 4.4.22, which is just a 0.0.01 update from the previous one. So we’re going from 4.4.21 to 4.4.21. Now Play Store 4.4.22 is the newest version. This one doesn’t bring much in terms of new things, which is what we kinda expected.

However, according to Android Police, there is some new translations or at least updated ones inside. There’s also some new code that relate to auto-updating apps. It appears to make auto-updating less taxing on a device which is probably already doing a lot of things. The delay is about 300,000 milliseconds which is about 5 minutes. That’s about all of the changes in this new version of Google Play. For you code monkeys out there, here’s the code that’s being referenced (per Android Police):

FinskyLog.d(“Auto-update of %d packages will defer for %d ms”, new Object[]{Integer.valueOf(v1.size()),
G.autoUpdateDeliveryHoldoffMs = GservicesValue.value(“finsky.auto_update_delivery_holdoff_ms”, Long.valueOf(300000));
The size of the APK is about 5.84MB. Which is the exact same size as the last version. Although if you wan to go down to the actual bytes, it’s a little under 700 bytes larger. Nothing too big.This APK is signed by Google, as expected. Installing this APK will upgrade your existing Play Store on your device. So you’ll want to be sure to have “Unknown Sources” checked and then download the APK and install it like normal. It’s very simple. As promised we have the APK link down below for you to download.

Hopefully we see some more changes to the Play Store. I’d like to see what else Google has in store for Google Play on Android.

Download: Google Play Store 4.4.22

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