Groupon has become a successful daily deal website that offers specials for consumers. In Indonesia, there are a lot of businesses running a Groupon system. has written a new Groupon clone script called Group Deals that is available in beta version now. The script is working under WordPress environment. Users must install the WP E-Commerce plugin to make this script works.

WordPress Group Deals features include:
• Tight integration to WP 3.0 (and 3.1) and WPEC 3.8
• New user roles and capabilities for Daily Deal Subscribers
• Custom Post Types used for Vendors, Group Deal Purchases and of course the deal itself.
• AJAX User Registration
• Packaged with a 2010 child theme that is a great starting place for any site (Currently, the basic “Groupon” design)
• Automatically emails site owner, business and consumer when a deal “tips”.
This beta version will come with a child theme that looks more likely like Groupon websites. With this plugin you can have your own Groupon website and start sharing and promote your own daily deals.