If you are used to listening to music on your computer during work or leisure, you may already have a customary music streaming service, such as Spotify, Apple Music or KKBOX used by many people. YouTube Music has recently added more users A new option, most of these services provide free solutions or free trials. Although free use may have some restrictions, paid subscription methods do not cost much and can also enjoy a better experience Supporting creators in these music fields) is a worthwhile project for music lovers.

The “Headset” to be introduced in this article is a free, open-source desktop music player that allows users to listen to music through YouTube and Reddit, the world’s largest music library. Cross-platform features support Windows, macOS, and Linux. The source code is compiled. It is mainly divided into two major functions: YouTube and Reddit Radio. The former uses search to find YouTube-related music for playback, while the latter is to select the type of music you want to listen to, and the player will continuously play related music.


It is worth mentioning that Headset can “choose a radio station randomly” when the listener has no idea. Sometimes this is also a way to find good music. Just like listening to a radio station, you may accidentally hear a good song. Shuffle mode has a similar effect.

Headset is designed for users who do not want to use paid music streaming services, but also listen to music through a legal platform on the Internet, but the interface is designed to be simpler and easier to use. Headset also provides a paid Pro solution, which can use more advanced Features, but if you just want to use it to play music randomly, there are no restrictions on the free version.

How to Download?

Visit the official website of Headset, click the “Download Now” button above to pop up the file format suitable for your current operating system. For example, macOS will have two formats of .dmg and .zip available for download. Click “Other Environments” to go back to GitHub to download the corresponding version.


Although Headset is a music player, there will still be a window during playback. This is because it is restricted by YouTube ’s usage restrictions to hide videos or play videos in the background. The minimum window size must be greater than 200x200px. For simplicity, Headset decided to show the video in a separate window. By default, the lowest resolution video is played, which can save user traffic, but the sound quality part is not affected.


Links : https://headsetapp.co/