Since the release of the HTC One, we haven’t really heard too much from HTC except for their disappointing financial situation and the loss of a number of key execs at the company. Despite this, they have kicked off their “Here’s To Change” project a couple of months ago, but all is silence in that campaign. Now they are kicking off something entirely different called, “Here’s to Creativity.”

The goal of the “Here’s To Creativity” project is essentially to collaborate with what HTC thinks are the “brightest change-makers in design, art and technology”. The first product to get the spotlight in this project is the Gramohorn II, which was designed by Justin Wolter, a graduate of the Chelsea college of art and design. The Gramohorn II is designed specifically for use with the HTC One, and uses what’s called “passive amplification” to raise the overall volume coming from the device by up to a huge 50%!

Who knows what we will see next from the “Here’s To” project, but it’s sure to be interesting!

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