HTC will slowly “drift away” from Windows Phone 8 as Nokia increases its dominance and its own Android phones gain traction.

That is according to a report from Digitimes, who quote anonymous sources.

According to the sources, while HTC’s Windows Phone 8X handset is doing well, there are concerns in the company about the growing dominance of Nokia.

Recent reports put Nokia’s share of Windows Phone 8 sales at over 85 per cent.

HTC is believed to be working on a successor to its flagship Windows Phone 8 handset. Some reports have suggested that it may be unveiled at next month’s IFA.

The sources said that HTC is likely to begin “drifting away” from Windows Phone 8 after that, unless the phone drastically reverses Nokia’s share of the market.

They said that HTC may not dump the platform, but it is likely to take a firm backseat behind its Android division.

HTC is currently investing nearly $1 billion in its upcoming Android phones – largely off the back of its HTC One device.

According to reports, HTC holds less than five per cent of the Windows Phone 8 market.

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