Today want to introduce the “HtmlWasher” is a HTML cleansing tool, a relatively rare service, this free tool can automatically clean the page messy, useless part of the code, leaving only the most basic label, as long as a button Can be done quickly! HtmlWasher can be directly copied, paste the code to clean up, or upload HTML files, no need to download additional software, very easy to use.

To be more specific, HtmlWasher will fix or delete errors, incorrectly formatted labels and attributes (such as when the image is missing the alt attribute), change the label to HTML5 (if XHTML), and labels that support cleanup include:

<a href>, <body>, <br>, <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>, <head>, <hr>, <html>, <i>, <img src width height alt>, <li>, <ol>, <p>, <ruby>, <strong>, <table>, <tbody>, <td colspan rowspan>, <th colspan rowspan>, <title>, <tr>, <ul>

You can also replace <b> with <strong>, reformat HTML, including newline or indentation, and more.