Iconfinder launches new Corona virus epidemic free icon set, making logos, posters or flyers available

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) is already an issue that will be reported in the daily news. Before the government promoted the real-name system of masks, it had written that the website of the Ministry of Public Health should inquire about the teaching of the special health pharmacy. Buy? “The mask map allows you to find out the pharmacies that have a stock of masks nearby quickly and in real time. However, in addition to masks and alcohol, it is more important to develop good habits, such as washing hands frequently and reducing public access. Place or avoid going to the epidemic area, etc.

Now alcohol is provided in restaurants, stores or public places to sterilize customers. If you go to the clinic, you will also be asked to take the patient’s temperature and wear a mask. I believe everyone has noticed that these epidemic-related notices are gradually increasing. If you want to make them Kanban reminds you to wash your hands or wear a mask in this area. There are free icons here to make the information easier to read.

Iconfinder, a well-known free icon site, wants to work with everyone to fight against the new Corona Virus. It has launched a series of “Coronavirus awareness icons” with icon designers and presented more than 200 icons related to public health and virus transmission. , These patterns include common PNG and vector graphics SVG format, you can add them to logos, posters, flyers or similar content to use.

According to the Iconfinder website instructions, these patterns can be used for hand washing instructions, hygienic recommendations or other reminders to prevent the spread of viral infections. All icons are released under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 authorization, and they need to be marked and shared in the same way.



Links : https://www.iconfinder.com/p/coronavirus-awareness-icons