We’ve introduced a few free icons before, the design is pretty clean and simple, it looks great, and the quality is usually very good, a constantly updated set of icons for IconBros or 100% Complete custom set of illustrio, the current custom color, size of the icon of the site has gradually become a standard equipment, unlike the previous one can only download a set of illustrations and difficult to fine-tune the adjustment, and smart phones or tablet today It’s already quite common, and user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are more valued, so a good icon must have features that accurately communicate information and quickly understand.

This article to recommend “ICOOON MONO” is a Japanese developer designed free pictorial set, contains over 6,000 free patterns! This pictorial feature is quite simple pattern, more importantly, even if only a single color can clearly convey the icon to bring the meaning of the user. ICOOON MONO offers a variety of theme categories such as: People, Business, Health, Fashion, Food, Events, Animals and Plants, Transportation, Architecture, Art Music, Sports, Stationery, Groceries, Symbols, Education, Electronics and more.