We want to bring it to your attention that iGoogle has officially passed away; we can no longer use or even see iGoogle anymore.

RIP iGoogle you will be sorely missed, what will we all do without you now?

If you visit the ex-official URL www.google.com/ig you will not be directed to iGoogle but instead Google’s search page. Many Phones Review readers who had us on their iGoogle start page will be looking for alternatives now.

One of our readers emailed us and said, “Now that the iGoogle home page is going away, what other home pages are you on? Are you available on MSN or iG Home? – Thanks, would hate to lose your stuff!”

The answer to this question is that Phones Review has not yet set anything else up in its place, because it has been very busy this year we have not had the time to sort this out. However, the reader emailed us back and said that they exported their iGoogle.com stuff and imported it into ighome.com and your “Phones Review” gadget appears.

We wish to say a massive thank you to our special reader, you know whom you are so thanks for the heads up.

Please do let us know how you feel about iGoogle closing its doors today, love to know what alternative you are using?

Original Story : http://www.phonesreview.co.uk/2013/11/01/igoogle-shutdown-is-official-phones-review-alternatives/