Ads are often overlooked by consumers, and even become the culprit of interfering with viewing or browsing the web, and how will advertising be used by the web? So there is an ad referee Facebook page, would like to show ads in another way for everyone to see.

Yes, as you see as the title today, we would like to introduce a multimedia and advertising fan pageon Facebook named ” JudgeAd (广告裁判)”. This fan page was created by a Taiwanese named Tim.

Tim takes the time to self-study technology, and put time and energy to make their own advertising subtitles, so that fans can really understand the meaning of each ad would like to convey. As the majority of Taiwanese users focus on the Facebook community, when the ad referee published the film bursts of red, the number of fans continues to increase, Tim determined to allow fans to “healthy growth” as the goal to expand the audience base, operating advertising referee this brand, Internet space for fans to discuss.

Inspired by the Chinese talk show, the host Luo Zhenyu will be 6:30 every morning before the WeChat public to push a 60 seconds of voice messages; follow the example of “fixed” and “repeat” , Advertising referee also regularly to advertise a story to the fans to listen to. As for why the election at 10:10? Tim said that because 9 o’clock too early daughter not sleep, 11 o’clock but too late, in addition to many ads on the clock pointer is always pointing to the V-shaped 10:10, so decide this point in time.
Translation subtitles for Tim is also a heavy work items, such as the translation of this Leica camera ads, once because the dialogue is too classical and spend more time.

Past translation of the subtitles fell on Tim who, if met Japanese advertising had to commission a friend to understand Japanese translation. Advertising referee gradually started the name, the assembly of the power of the people together in the translation work, has sought 10 to assist the translation of the partners, the results have come to 60 people apply, the United States, Japan, Korea, Thailand and other countries of the master of the division of labor, the current advertising The referee also works with Red Stick, VoiceTube co-op.

An ads about RUGBY WORLD CUP 2011 at USA, here’s the link :

In addition to maritime advertising, managing pages and building blogs, Tim has a high degree of interest in new software products. Since F8 2016 Developer Conference Facebook official release chat robot development tools, he himself on the study; there is now known as Alfred ‘s chat robot built-in ad jukebox, enter the number can be viewed advertising referee has been shared content.

Such as ad judges to share the advertising film, often to the last minute before the announcement of goods and advertisers why, for the brand and advertising link, Tim that early in the advertising company has been decided, like reading, everyone for The contents of the book are not the same understanding, should look at each ad from the perspective of appreciation.

For more information about “JudgeAd” , click the link below , and we hope that will inspired you and hope you all enjoy it !