A great Android app, or the greatest Android app? We’ll let history be the judge. Okay, and any of iMore’s Android-wielding fans. All you have to do to find out is download iMore for Android right now from the Google Play store. You know it’s free, and you know it’s fabulous.

So why make an iMore app for Android? Hey, we don’t judge people by the bits and atoms in their pockets or bags. Many of us, myself included, have multiple phones, and love technology beyond any one company. We also love our readers — all of our readers — and want to make sure we’re everywhere you want us to be, whether that’s Android… or Mars. (Okay, Mars might take us a wee bit longer!)

Huge thanks to our amazing developer, Neil Sainsbury, for doing the heavy lifting on this, and don’t forget, there’s more where that came from as well — make sure you also grab the official Android Central app, CrackBerry app, and Smartwatch Fans app while you’re there!

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