Be patient, it’s still rolling out slowly over the next few weeks

You can’t say WhatsApp is neglecting iOS users. Because true to its promise, the instant messaging app now includes in-app calling for iPhones.

The WhatsApp Calling feature, which made its debut for Android devices, basically lets you call fellow WhatsApp users via a data connection. If you’ve been diligently updating your apps, this would have been downloaded without your notice.

Once you gain access to WhatsApp Calling, it means you won’t be eating into your monthly talktime bundle and the call is considered free if you’re hooked onto a Wi-Fi network.

WhatsApp’s introduction of in-app calling to its service isn’t revolutionary. Other apps such as Viber have since introduced such in-app calling features since it launched, and some like Skype allows you to call landlines at a flat rate.

While this is all good for prudent consumers, it’s also a double-edged sword for users who don’t monitor their data usage closely. Use WhatsApp Caling via your mobile network, and you’ll find a huge spike in your data bill at the end of the month.


Still can’t call via WhatsApp even though you’ve updated the app? Have patience, because the update notes mentioned that it’ll be progressively rolled out in the weeks to come. Nonetheless, this update is definitely a welcomed one, and shows some love for iOS users.

Oh wait, we’re wrong. There’s still the matter of WhatsApp Web, which is still not available on iOS. Bummer.

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