Playground of one of the design elements, is the possibility of open play methods, so that children play any. Undefined Playground in Seoul, Korea, is not limited to the use of public space autonomy to the public.

The game must be carried out in the regular sports field, but as a leisure activity, play and space size should have a little more flexibility. “Undefined Playground” is a Korean design studio BUS architecture produced, in fact, is a sports device, it’s suitable for small area using. “Undefined Playground” can be free to move, open and close, forming a different structure, allowing users to carry out simple exercise.

When it is folded, it can be done at the same time for four activities: football, frisbee games, basketball and squash; the course is small and the middle is the lounge. When it is open to the front, like a side of the six doors of the wall, can be used to do the football gantry. The back door constitutes three triangles, with two small rooms in the middle, including rest and leasing rooms, a tool for the game, and a hammock from each corner for school playgrounds.

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