Who says there’s no such thing as expandable storage for your iDevices?

Why’s your USB stick all wonky?

Don’t get all bent out of shape about a USB stick’s form factor. So that it won’t jut out of the bottom of your iThing unattractively, instead wrapping under it quite nicely. And when it’s not plugged in, you can cap it into a carabiner-like dongle which you can chuck into your pocket for access to all the entertainment you need to last a commute. Just remember to empty your pockets out before laundry day.

What can it store?

Ask not what it can store, but what it cannot store. Which is pretty much nothing. Photos, music, movies; you name it, you can hoard it. Even boring work documents. It doesn’t just passively store your files either, you can stream your media files directly from the iBridge via its app. Oh wait, hang on. You won’t be able to access media files downloaded from the iTunes store thanks to the Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) tech, but everything else is fair play.

How does it work?

Just download the free app from the App Store, plug the iBridge into your iThing, and you’re all set to load files onto it without a care in the world. Sweet, sweet GB-unfettered access. Now you only have to clear the accumulated crap from it every six months instead of every month.

But what if my iPhone’s has already run out of space and I’ve just got a moment I need to capture?

Easy. Stick the iBridge into your iPhone and bring up the Camera feature in the app. You can directly save the photos you capture onto the iBridge, and not have to go through the whole hassle of transferring photos out of your phone to free up space. The Camera function might be a little bare bones, but you can save all that fancy filtering for later, can’t you?

I’m sold! Where can I get one?

That was easy, remind me never to have you negotiate my release in the event of a hostage situation. Hop on over to the Leef site. The iBridge comes in sizes varying from just a little 16GB to a media-hoarding 256GB. But of course, you can expect to fork out amounts of money directly proportionate to memory. The 16GB retails for a relatively affordable US$60 (RM218) while the 256GB will cost you a painful US$400 (RM1452), which could easily buy you a brand new budget phone or two. Go figure where your priorities lie.

Original Story : http://www.stuff.tv/my/news/leef-it-ibridge-stretch-limits-your-iphones-storage