LG today released a video teasing the G Pad 8.3 — its first tablet since the Optimus Pad LTE.
Details are scant, though the mid-sized slate is expected to make its debut at next week’s IFA trade show in Berlin. LG didn’t have a formal press event at last year’s IFA, though it did unveil its 4.7-inch Optimus L9 just prior to the show.
The one-minute video features people sharing their personal device wish lists, or, “what would make a tablet just right for you.”
Most want a small device, preferably pocket-sized, but one that is also big enough to accommodate TV or movie viewing. Oh, and make it easy and quick to use, especially outside of the home — while on vacation or at the office. The tablet should also connect to all other devices, including a smartphone, PC, set-top TV box, Google Glass, smartwatch, and any other modern technology.

“A large, high-quality screen is essential for watching your favorite program. But it often makes the tablet too big to take with you,” LG wrote in the YouTube video description. “A small and light tablet is easy to hold in one hand. But playing games isn’t much fun on a small, lower resolution display.”
The moral of the story: “Prepare to be amazed,” LG said.
Some consumers appear to be on board with the company’s mysterious tablet, going as far as holding out on buying a new device just to see what LG has up its sleeve.
“[I] was gonna get the Nexus 7, but I’ll wait to see what this is like,” one user wrote in a YouTube comment.
Check out LG’s teaser video below and decide for yourself whether the 8.3-inch G Pad will get it just right. PCMag will be at IFA next week, so stay tuned for all the news.