The brand’s success is highly related to the logo design. Taking into account the influence of color and shape on human psychology, establish contact with the target audience by delivering accurate information and emotions.

Paul Lander said: “Design is your brand’s silent ambassador.” However, we can add that LOGO design is the core of the brand image and presents the personality of the company or product. If you want to establish contact with the target audience and tell the story of the brand, starting with LOGO will be a good choice.

Today, when we describe the visual appearance of a logo, it is very important to be able to attract people’s attention.

Below we show practical examples of the application of color and shape psychology in brand design.

Psychology in Logo Design
To make an effective logo, designers must consider the smallest elements that make up the design and consider their impact on potential customers. The science that studies the influence of various factors on people’s thoughts and behaviors is called psychology. Knowledge of the principles of psychology helps to understand human desires and motivations, which means that designers can predict possible users’ reactions to certain solutions.

Things people may not notice, the brain tends to respond to visual objects that affect emotions and behavior. Each color and shape tends to be perceived in its own sense, so when we look at the visual script, our brain receives specific information and reacts based on what we see.

Understanding the role of color and shape psychology, design experts can control the meaning of signs. Careful selection of each element helps people read the logo.
Color in logo design
The research provided by Colorcom shows that people only need to make a subconscious judgment about the product in 90 seconds, and the assessment of 62% to 90% is based on color only. This is why the success of the brand strategy largely depends on the color chosen for the logo design.

Color is not only an important factor in product appearance, but also an important factor in brand awareness. In the article “Design Color: Influencing User Behavior”, we described the meaning of common colors in the brand. Here is a short summary.

red. Self-confidence, youth and strength.
Orange. Friendly, warm and full of energy.
yellow. Happiness, optimism and warmth.
green. Peace, growth and health.
blue. Trust, security and stability.
purple. Luxurious, creative, wise.
black. Reliable, complex and experienced.
white. Simple, calm and clean.

The choice of colors should not be based only on common meanings. Vision is unique to everyone, so the color effect may vary with age, culture, and gender. For example, a child likes yellow, but when we are grown up, it usually looks less attractive. Moreover, there are many cultural differences in color definitions. In order to ensure that colors can be effectively used in brand strategy, it is important to consider the preferences of the target audience.
Shapes in logo design
As we mentioned in the article devoted to shape psychology, all visual objects can be analyzed by shape. People may not always notice the numbers and shapes around them, but they have a great influence on our consciousness and behavior. Years of research and testing help professionals determine what each shape usually means and how it affects human perception. Let us take a closer look.

The meaning of squares and rectangles: discipline, strength, courage, safety, reliability.
Triangle Meaning: Excitement, Risk, Danger, Balance, Stability.
The meaning of circle, ellipse and ellipse: Eternity, female, universe, magic, mystery
Spiral Significance: Growth, Creativity, Calmness, Wisdom
The meaning of natural shapes: originality, organic, balanced, refreshing
The meaning of abstract shapes: the duality of meaning, uniqueness, and meticulous production.

Create a logo, the designer should handle the shape used, and pay attention to the font selected for the logo

Actual case

Hibiscus Design has extensive experience in creating compelling brand logos. Let’s take a look at a LOGO design example using color and shape psychology.

This logo was designed for LunnScape and provides landscaping services for commercial properties such as offices and courtyard spaces, parks and more. A brand logo shows a mascot. LunnScape, Inc. is located in Florida and is a perfect example of a regional fauna. In addition, a logo with insects can help customers understand the nature of the service.

The illustration has a simplified style, so its wings look like mosaics. The logo consists of several colors. The turquoise circle with the cymbals gives a solid stamp effect, bringing a calm feeling. In addition, colors are associated with refreshments and energy, so you can create the right atmosphere around your brand. The dragonfly’s wings combine yellow and pink. Together, these colors symbolize joy, warmth, and a bit of sensitivity, making it look interesting. Because the fonts are simple and elegant, the word mark typesetting complements the company’s core brand services.

Another design project related to the landscape and nature theme is the symbol of Andre Landscape. The final choice is to present the mascot in a clear and concise form on the combination mark, as well as elegant text that echoes the circle. The symbol leads to a new shape that combines the visual concepts of birds and leaves in an image based on a circle. The sleek shape is easily associated with the universe and eternity, and quite positive things are transferred to the idea of professional land care. The color combination is also associated with the nature of the service provided by the resonance of the green and natural background.

This is the brand name for binned cleaning services called Binned. The logo is represented by a capital letter B because it is associated with the brand name. The lines in the letter are wavy and evoke water and cleanliness. The logo is followed by the text of the entire brand name. The selected font is simple and bold, making it look neat and reflects the mood of the brand.

The palette includes blue and green shades that provide clean and crisp textual links. In addition, blue often represents some corporate image because blue is the color of trust. It usually shows reliability and may give the user a calm feeling.
The logo provides Reborn, a self-service Chinese restaurant. The main idea of the brand is to introduce a modern way of automatic meal ordering in the catering industry and to link healthy food with the tradition of innovation. In order to pass all these ideas and create an effective brand image, the red ribbon became the first letter of the word mark.

Ribbons create a spiral shape that brings creativity and innovation. In addition, it also shows the slight movement of the restaurant as a modern business that keeps pace with the times.

Red is a traditional Chinese color, so the logo allows customers to understand the restaurant’s cuisine characteristics. In addition, red shows the confidence and youth of the service, and contributes to brand awareness due to its brightness.

This is a logo concept of a modern dance studio called Motion. The company participates in many directions in the dance field, such as organizing courses, seminars, events and competitions.

The shape of the brand logo is a circle. At first, this shape symbolizes eternity because it does not begin or end. In this way, the logo highlights the diversity of company services. In addition, one of the common meanings of circles is movement, so it perfectly reflects the brand’s name.

This logo concept provides a variety of color performances, showing the general brand strategy flexibility. The proposed options include yellow, green and blue. Yellow is the main color that brings warmth and playful emotions. The green and blue colors symbolize balance and harmony.
Another round logo was designed for OrBeat, an online platform for sharing digital sound material (such as music, voice, and specific sound collections) over the Internet. In addition, the service has the function of a social network, so this shape setting is associated with a circle of friends. Users can create their own unique playlists, post comments, listen to tracks online and share their voice collections with friends on other social networks.

Thus, linking the music theme with the dynamics of everyday life communicates and expresses the metaphor of the track, which is based on a circular shape and has various hues associated with different content on the platform.
The logo was created for social networks where Whizzly showcases talent and shares creative projects. The mascot is a monkey who looks pretentious with sunglasses. The choice of character can be explained by the common associations associated with this animal. Monkeys are a lively and interesting representation of the fauna. They know how to draw attention. The circular form makes the image dynamic and friendly.

Since the brand’s target audience is talented people, monkeys show their eccentricity. Colors include purple and blue gradients. They are easily associated with the lights commonly used on the stage. In addition, we can see the reflection of brand names in sunglasses. It ensures better brand awareness.

This is the concept of brand symbols for application icons. It has the logo of fOxygenic, a mobile application that represents the social networks of people who love life, open-air sports and activities. As you can see, the mascot is based on a circle. It can set different levels of association through the similarity of the “O” letters of the word “Oxygen” applied in brand names, actions and active lives, as well as the circle of friends and the OrBeat logo. Bright and warm orange not only reflects the traditional perspective of fox color, but also reflects the idea of dynamic life, joy and good mood. In addition, the color has a higher visibility, which enhances the recognizability of the icon.
This is a brand logo for the music application SwitchUp, which has a wide range of functions for generating and sharing playlists. The logo has the form of a text marker and a play button. This shape helps to set the link to the nature of the application. In addition, the keywords behind the brand are “bright,” “dynamic,” “interesting,” and “positive.” This is why triangles are an accurate choice. The problem is that the triangle is a dynamic and dynamic shape that is related to movement and direction. The palette complements the brand image, bringing energy and freshness.

The logo concept is designed for Medidata, the medical application used by doctors, to plan and organize appointment procedures and to track and save patient health data. It has a stylized trajectory mark, and the top and bottom of the line are similar to the heart rating chart. The combination of blue, light blue, and red is often associated with the healthcare industry, thus creating a professional image for the brand.

The brand’s success is highly related to the logo design. Taking into account the influence of color and shape on human psychology, you can create compelling brand logos that connect with your target audience by delivering accurate information and emotions.