An iPhone 6 is an investment. And no matter how nicely designed the phone itself is, most people will opt for a functional, attractive, case to protect it from everyday drops and dings. Lunatik’s Architek case goes one step farther. The striking cross-hatched pattern is actually a shock-absorbing diagonal grid core that was inspired by Chicago School architecture. Laid over the diagrid core is a polycarbonate hard shell that snaps easily over your phone, offering protection and a window into the case’s structure. The combination is at once slim, lightweight and strong, making for an attractive and effective way to protect your new phone from the inevitable long-distance drop to the sidewalk.

20150102-Architek_iPhone6_Black_2.slide 20150102-Architek_iPhone6_Black_5.slide 20150102-iPhone6_Architek_Purple-Clear_BO.slide

The Architek for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available early November ($35). Register to be alerted about availability on Lunatik’s website.

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