Microsoft Edge Official Version Free Download! Rebuild Microsoft Browser With Chromium

At the end of 2018, Microsoft announced that it would rebuild the Microsoft Edge browser with Chromium core. This news dropped a shock bomb on the Internet. Microsoft also began a series of actions last year, such as first opening the beta version for users to download the experience, and gradually from Canary, Dev and To get closer to the official Beta and launch the Microsoft Edge for macOS browser on the Mac, you can see that Microsoft is full of ambitions for this new browser.

The good news from the beginning of this year is that the new Microsoft Edge is finally ready for the official version! I believe users have also been looking forward to it for a long time. If you want to use Microsoft Edge for daily work or daily use, then the official version will be relatively stable and secure. If you are still using the beta version, you can also consider switching to the official version to continue using.

Microsoft Edge supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, macOS, and mobile devices support iOS and Android. It can be said to be very complete, covering almost all device types that most users use daily.

The new Microsoft Edge uses Chromium as the foundation. In simple terms, it has Edge on the skin but the actual core is Chromium. Therefore, the advantages of Google Chrome can be presented in Microsoft Edge, such as fast, high security, and complete extension functions And has detailed customization options.

Since it is a Microsoft browser that must integrate a Microsoft account, it can also synchronize items such as favorites, settings, history, passwords, and extensions. If you are using Windows 10, Microsoft Edge is also optimized for the operating system. Good results. Unlike Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge uses its own extension store, Microsoft Edge Addons, but you can also download and install Chrome extensions.

How To Download & Install :

Visit the official Microsoft Edge website and click “Download” to download the corresponding browser. If the item you want to download is not a pre-selected option, click the side menu to see Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, macOS and iOS, Android download link.


I tested the use of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and found that the language seems to automatically switch to Simplified Chinese at the beginning, but it does not matter, we can adjust it from the setting options after installation, I believe that Microsoft should improve this problem soon (in (At the time of this writing, the Microsoft Edge website is only available in English.)


After installation, open Microsoft Edge, there will be a welcome screen, and some basic introduction and setting options.


The biggest difference between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome is that the former uses a Microsoft account, and the latter is a Google account. When the browser is opened, the user will also be asked if they want to log in to sync the data. It is recommended to log in. If you have multiple devices, you can also sync data between devices after signing in to your Microsoft account.

If family members share the same computer, you can also add different personal files, and you can use independent profiles after switching. This feature is similar to Google Chrome design.

The official version of Microsoft Edge is currently available for download. If you want to try Microsoft’s new browser, you can download and install it for free from the official website. Apps for iOS and Android mobile devices can be searched and downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store (you can find the download button from the Microsoft Edge website).


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