Neu Eichmass – New Etalon in german, is a typeface based on the weight – 100 grams. The name is a reference to International Prototype kilogram as a base unit of mass in the International System of Units. The typeface has a modern, cold and measured feel to it, reflecting its origin – it’s metal ‘parents’. It is a sans serif font, taking inspiration from famous grotesques as well as stenciled types associated with market places and street traders. Further inspiration comes from 1920’s and 30’s constructivism. The typeface may, in the future, expand into a type family – the bold weight could become a kilogram, the light weight could be a gram and so on.

The font can be easily stenciled, and it’s application is appropriate for different usages e.g. for street art, for retail purposes suitable for independent shops and street markets, as well  as a headline font and a medium point body text suitable for print.

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