If the rumours are true, even the iPhone 6 users will come down with serious (iPhone 6s/7) envy

More iPhone rumours ahead. It seems that the next iteration of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus may have a body made of 7000 series aluminium. Currently this innovative new alloy is only utilised in the Apple Watch Sport.


The good news: Apple should be experienced with the new alloy, the 7000 series that apparently is 60 per cent stronger than what Apple usually uses for its phones. What’s more appealing is that it offers that strength but at only a third of its density.

And it should look pretty sweet as currently in the Apple Watch, the 7000 alloy is treated with tiny zirconia beads to give it a satin-like finish.

Other whispers also say that the next Plus-sized iPhone will also have Force Touch sensors. As we’ve learned even the most ridiculous rumours have some grain of truth, so it’s very likely the next iPhone won’t be just one small step up from the current models.

Original story : http://www.stuff.tv/my/news/new-iphone-made-stronger-slimmer-aluminium-alloy