Also, Google Now can begin heating or cooling your place during your commute home

Over the weekend, some intrepid Android users discovered that Google integration with the Nest Learning Thermostat was about to go live. Today, it’s officially up and running.

That means anyone who has the pricey smart thermostat will be able to adjust the temperature by issuing voice commands via the Google app on Android or iPhone. Want to kick the heat up a couple notches, or cool your pad? It’s only a few words away.

You can also do the same on a computer via Chrome, whether you’re using Windows, Mac, or a Chrome OS-powered box. Just click the mic icon, or alternatively type, “set the temperature to X degrees.”

Today’s new functionality adds another handy perk: the ability for Nest to automatically start heating or cooling your place when you begin your commute home. A Google Now card appears to alert you to the change, and that way you’ll be able to come back to a comfortable place without unnecessarily wasting energy during the day.


There’s a Google Works With Nest setup process that you’ll need to complete, which finds you authorizing access on both sides of the partnership. Even though Google owns Nest now, the latter is trying to stay somewhat autonomous and not spook users worried about data access overreach from its massive overlord.

If you’ve invested in a Nest, you might as well take advantage of these beneficial new features. There’s little sense in resisting a smart thermometer getting smarter, after all.

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