Rumors of a new MacBook Air design are not uncommon at this time of year, especially when you consider it is getting rather close to its apparent release date, as the current version was released last June. This means we could be less than 3 months away from the 2014 update; having said that we might have to stop calling it an update, and instead regard it as a redesign.

A new rumor has come to light suggesting that Apple is redesigning the MacBook Air for the 2014 model, which means it could come with a new look, but it is the difference in size that has gotten our attention.

New MacBook Air display size – If we are to believe a recent report, then Apple could do away with the 11.6-inch MacBook Air and replace it with a 12-inch design for the 2014 model. Not only that, but it would also sport a Retina display, something we had assumed would have made it onto the 2013 model.


It’s hard to make out the details of this latest rumor, but it could mean Apple might only offer just one size for the MacBook Air, doing away with the 13-inch model in the process. It’s believed that the 12-inch MacBook Air would be as portable as the 11.6-inch model, but still have the productivity as the 13-inch version.

New MacBook Air design – Going back to the redesign, if this is true, then surely Apple will want to make the new MacBook Air look different to what it does now considering the current model has looked the same for several years now? The 2014 MacBook Air could be thinner, lighter and go back to a slightly rounded design, making it more similar to the iPad?

That’s not all though, as it has also been suggested that Apple could be doing away with the fan in the 2014 MacBook Air, making it fanless. Apple may also do away with the mechanical button on the trackpad and replace it with a multi-touch trackpad instead, meaning it could make use of tap gestures.

The 2014 MacBook Air specs is a confusing one because there had been rumors that Apple could go in a different direction and make use of an A8 chip inside the next MacBook Air, but this will be unlikely, especially if they want to keep the same productivity as the current model. Apple will more than likely stick to the Intel chip, but that’s about all we can say for now. Having said that, as with all Apple products, it’s all speculation.

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