20160330-send-anywhere-1Today new article is recently launched line of file upload service Send Anywhere, different from others free upload website, the service allows users to download, install their file transfer tool (or do not install the software, can operate on the page) will generate a six-digit code, drag the file into it, you can let other people get through the digital archives, digital substituted difficult to remember URLs.

20160330-send-anywhere-2Send Anywhere the familiar combination of P2P file hosting space Free instant file transfer tool that provides two types of online file transfer mode, the user can choose according to their own needs. If you choose to peer file transfer mode, upload the software must be open (or will open the page), the other party to be able to properly receive files, archives benefit is not hosted third-party server, the file can help increase security and privacy .

Another way to transfer files to upload, download a random link, but can only access the archives for 24 hours for the temporary file transfer mode. The advantage is no need to open the software or website, so long as a link, the other party can download an unlimited number of times within the time limit, there is no traffic and download limit.

Link : https://www.send-anywhere.com/