We already know that WordPress blogs are pretty much everywhere there days and in all sorts of different varieties, and this one is a prime example. Cool Tshirt Design is actually nothing more than a resource for posting images of trendy prints, fulfilling little other purpose than a focal point for  funky fashion creations. The contents is limited to a series of categorized thumbnail galleries that reveal close-up shots of the features T-shirts alongside links out to the respective eShops where the designs can indeed be purchased.

” The site is bright, bold and vibrant thanks to an eye-catching pink color scheme “

The design is built around an explosion of color and has very bold image-heavy layout that catches the eye immediately

Images make up the majority of the content and here we can see that a very regimented grid-like structure keeps everything looking neat, tidy and presentable.

The featured T-Shirts are arranged into various categories that can be browsed via the main navigation menu on the left.

Big color images, vibrant color schemes and some subtle illustrative work within the background of the page template all help to make for a very funky design.

Designer Siminki is and in-house web designer based in Manchester and had over ten years experience working with some pretty big UK brands.

URL : http://www.cooltshirtdesign.co.uk
Designed by Siminki : http://www.siminki.co.uk