SlideNote is a customizable, flexible jQuery plugin that allow us to display sliding notifications on our website or in our web application. It works when a user scrolls down a specified amount (pixel) and appears automatically at that point.

SlideNote is compatible with jQuery 1.4.3 and current versions of major browsers. IE8 is the only version of Internet Explorer that is officially supported. You can select the corner that it’ll slide from and use any image as the “close” button by mentioning the image source.

SlideNote Features:

* where specifies how far down the user must scroll before the notification slides into view.
* corner controls from which side of the screen the notification will slide in.
* URL tells SlideNote from where to pull the data to use as the content of the notification. If no container is specified, then the entire page will be used.
* container is to be used in conjunction with URL. When specified, it will only pull content from the element having the specified ID from the specified URL.
* closeImage displays the image at the specified URL. When clicked, it will slide the note out of view. The note will not display until the next time the user scrolls passed the where value.