Sony is expected to take the wraps off its virtual reality headset next week at GDC.

The Sony ‘Rift’ will be shown off at next week’s Games Developers Conference, with some first party software also said to be debuting.

Sony has so far refused to confirm whether it will be showing off a virtual reality headset at the conference. However, the PS4 maker is confirmed to be holding a session at the event called “driving the future of innovation”.

That session will be headed by Sony Computer Entertainment of America research and development executives Richard Marks and Anton Mikhailov.

Both Marks and Mikhailov were central to the development of the PlayStation Eye and Move. As such, it doesn’t involve a huge stretch of the imagination to see them also being heavily involved in a Sony-made virtual reality headset.

According to developers speaking to T3’s sister publication Edge Online, the Sony ‘Rift’ is said to be far superior to Oculus Rift – the current leader in modern gaming virtual reality. Article continues after our PlayStation Rift concept video

However, despite widespread praise, Oculus Rift has remained a niche accessory.

Sony currently has a head mounted display – the HMZ-T3W. According to the company, it is the equivalent of sitting in front of a 750-inch television. However, while it has nearly zero-latency and 7.1 surround sound, it isn’t really designed for gaming.

Rumours have suggested that Sony may have bought Oculus Rift. Reports claim that the headset that will be unveiled by Sony at GDC – the Sony Rift – is actually a much improved version of the original Oculus Rift headset.

That rumour had more fire poured on it earlier in the week after it emerged that Oculus Rift had put a freeze on selling any more development kits.

However, it’s still far from certain that Sony has purchased Oculus Rift.

Commentators have said that virtual reality may provide Sony with a clear distinction over Microsoft’s Xbox One. The second generation Kinect has been pointed out to be significantly superior to PlayStation’s motion controls in the PS4.

The Sony Rift could provide the PS4-maker with a way to one-up Microsoft in a significant way.

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