Sony Xperia Tablet S is getting a new official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmware update release 2 which mainly resolves issue to the clock unable to sync correctly. Other changes also include several improvements in the device.

Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Release 2

Sony Mobile is now rolling out a new update for the Xperia Tablet S with the same Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmware but as a second release. The new update mainly resolves the issue of clock which is unable to sync correctly. Other changes are also included in the update such as improvements to the preview window of the camera application and the playback of Video Unlimited content.

“Currently we are planning to release Android 4.1.1 Release 2 on August 19th 2013 that resolves an issue where the clock is unable to sync correctly for the Xperia Tablet S. We don’t have an exact time of the release on August 19th 2013 yet because we are in the mist of QA. Please check back later then evening for actually time. Thank you for your patience regarding this matter,” Peter Tat community manager and senior software engineer, posted on Sony Community.

Android 4.1.1 Update Release 2 for Sony Tablet S sizes up to 430MB and currently being pushed by Sony via Over-the-Air procedure; owners should be able to download them provided that the tablet is connected to a stable Internet connection.

Over the Air Update Process posted screenshots on the process of updating your Sony Xperia Tablet S via OTA or Over-the-Air process.


Source : Xperia blog

3. Before updating,


1. A notifications prompt should appear once the device is connected to the Internet with a new update. If not, go to the “Software update” section of the tablet’s settings menu.

2. Read the description of the update which should include Android 4.1.1 (release2) and requirement of more than 300MB free storage space. If your Xperia Tablet S doesn’t have enough internal storage, uninstall unnecessary applications or transfer data files to a computer.


make sure to backup all your personal settings and data files then have the device connected to its AC power. Normally, Sony products require at least 50 per cent battery level to perform any updates.

4. Confirm the download process of the update and installation. Do not interrupt the installation procedure.

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