If you have shooting the food photo before, you will know is not easy to shoot the nice food photo, especially when the light or background clutter, it is difficult to obtain the desired effect, usually after taking food does not look delicious, but also very attractive. Japan recently found a free gallery, different from the past introduced the Gallery website, contains picture material focused on the ingredients and food, anyone need not be registered can download free high-resolution photos! These pictures free for personal or commercial use, including DTP (Desktop Publishing, desktop publishing), it can also be used for restaurant menus or advertising printing, without any usage restrictions.


Sozai-Page (Creative pe ー ji) sites that offer free non-copyrighted material allows users to download pictures and mainly for all kinds of food ingredients, including seafood, meat, vegetables, fruit, bread, fried food and some instant noodles, cereals, etc., more special is that these materials are all high-resolution (3000px or more), 6-megapixel JPEG images and background are all black or white single color tone, for want of post-production process designers, sozai-Page for a photo on the use of more convenient.

Before you start, you might want to know Sozai-Page authorization and the use of standardized, simple striping as follows:

  • You are free to use, whether in personal or commercial use
  • We are not content of the picture, the resulting quality, state, and any liability arising
  • All photos Jieke system after processing or freedom. But we do not deal with the results generated by responsible
  • Whether processed or prepared or not, permitted to redistribute or sell the copyright-free image

If you have to use any image Sozai-Page Gallery on any publication, broadcast or media programs, then welcome in the use of Information Sozai-Page, but not mandatory must do so.


Link : http://www.sozai-page.com