It’s here! Since the UK is in the future, we’ve got our hands on our very own iPad Air in the fetching Space Gray color we’re now so fond of. This is literally fresh out of the box, and we’ll be back with a ton of content throughout the day, but we figured you might be interested in a few snapshots!

Apple has done a really fantastic job slimming down the form factor, and even from just a few moments with the iPad Air, it feels nicer to hold. Not so large, not so thick and not so heavy. The difference is noticeable, and I think a lot of you are going to be really happy with it! Keep on clicking for the photo gallery, and if you’re still waiting in line somewhere drop into the comments and let me know what you’re waiting to get!

20131102-ipad_air_black_hero-02 20131102-ipad_air_black_hero-03 20131102-ipad_air_black_hero-04 20131102-ipad_air_black_hero-05 20131102-ipad_air_black_hero-06


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