Stay Real Life Exhibition is organised by STAY REAL which is the famous brand in Taiwan. In 2007, Ashin who is Mayday’s lead singer with his friends named Bo-Liang Chen who is famous illustrator and designer in Taiwan  co-founded trend brand StayReal . During the eight years, STAYREAL is also outside of Taiwan countries such as Hong Kong and China opened a number of branches. They are also often associated with different brands co-organized exhibitions and activities. These exhibitions and events in Taiwan also attracted great attention, including they have been invited to  2010 Eslite Design Festival, Shanghai Moca Museum of Contemporary Art was invited to “STAY REAL Forever Innocence” exhibition and etc.


“STAY REAL LIFE # Proof” Invites seven cross-border : A Shin, Lee Hong-gi, Fujiro, Kurashiki, Duncan, NewNew, KEA and other creators, representative creators, whether in music, popular aesthetics, fashion design, street creativity and so on, inspiration, creativity, or real experience and 2016-2017 finale the strongest cross-border creation special exhibition concentrated condensed As a unique exclusive room, the exhibition is more to break the definition of space, the old warehouse into a period of limited “StayReal Motel”, plus multiplied by exhibitors who enjoy the sway, with the creation of their own presence in the field to prove.


Welcome to StayReal Motel

There’s have 7 different type of rooms, every rooms have their own style and meaning. Let’s have a LOOK!

ROOM 555 BY ASHIN ——–“Stay up to dawn, is my # presence certificate”

Ashin said, “The essence of writing is usually at night, when the night comes, half awake, not only is the time to search for inspiration, a variety of surreal fantasies also quietly emerge.” Into the white fantasy space of the letter, A variety of white animal sculpture symbolizes the wonderful inspiration, the most representative of Ashin on the spot to prove that is hidden in every corner of the “time owl”, a symbol of Ashin shuttle between the inspiration!

For more information about Ashin, you can go to link below:

ROOM 302 BY LEE HONG-GI ——– “Music is my # presence certificate.”

As a representative of the Korean flow of Li Hong-gi. Lee Hong-gi ‘s room look ordinary odd when in lights, but off the lights, the wall’s fluorescent graffiti Li Hong-gi treason will completely show! Showing that “seeing is not necessarily as a virtue” as the two sides of human nature, do not know what the performance of hidden undercurrents.

ROOM 903 BY DUNCAN DESIGN ——– “Creating something that makes me happy is my #presence certificate!”

Taiwan popular illustrator Duncan, will create inspiration “toilet, lazy bones sofa, bed,”
moved to the scene, so that fans experience the moment of inspiration come! Duncan will put an “egg” in the room every morning and he named it “the small egg packed in the egg box “, as long as you
find it, you can immediately take it back home!

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ROOM 777 BY NEWNEW——– “Girls heart is my #presence certificate”

NewNew has set a mobile theme set seven million downloads. As the trend of women’s chief designer, she has a strong dedication to the pink, the show is NewNew personal collection of more than 100 pieces of pink single product, the entire exhibition into a girl heart to take pictures point!

ROOM 999 BY KEA ——– ” Rebel is my #presence certificate”

BE OK LAB goodwill experiment” in room number 999, use of black humor satire of artistic Kea, seemingly into the exhibition every commodity creations, but graphic control mode easy to point out the modern variety of incurable diseases, reflecting the bizarre social phenomenon, will from time to time poked fun sore.

ROOM 222 BY NO 2 GOOD ——– ” Communicating happiness through creation is my # presence certificate”

Before we enter the exhibition, we can see a 10 meter high ” Invincible Mousy ” from a distance. “Mousy” is created by No2Good, and at his room, you can see a lot of different type of Mousy such as The Monkey King Mousy , The Pharaoh and etc. They are pretty cool and adorable.

For more information about No2Good , you can go to the link below:

ROOM 004 BY KAZUKI KURAISHI ——– ” Participates of audience is my # presence certificate”

Kazuki Kuraishi is a famous fashion designer that  with a simple classic design. At his room ,  we can discover that  004 room also with some simple exhibits – such as flying silver pillows and halftone printing limited hand brush T-shirt, and he would like to give the audience feel simple and fresh and also can interact with the exhibits in his room,and at the side of the room ,we will see a magazine vending
machines on exhibits too.We can feela pretty strong but simples feeling in his room.Amazing!

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