If you want to upload video and audio files to the Internet, most people may directly think of video spaces such as YouTube and Vimeo. However, the platform usually has many restrictions. It may also be removed because the uploaded video does not meet the specifications. If the account is suspended, then the gain is not worth the loss. Later, I recommended some free space that makes it easier for everyone to upload videos. For example, PPT thumbnails, Sendvid, and Openload can generate sharing links after the videos are uploaded, and then let others directly play them online through the links.

If you want to embed videos on websites or blogs, I suggest using it with OneLinePlayer. This free service can adjust more functions of the video player. More importantly, it loads faster and has better effects. It may be better to use it on the web than to load the default video player directly.

The “Streamable” recommended in this article is a free video space that allows users to upload videos of less than 10 minutes in length or less than 1 GB in a single file, or directly paste the video platform URL to remotely capture the video to Streamable to generate a new link Knot. The feature of this service is that there is no mandatory account registration, fast speed, simple upload, and can provide the most suitable video and audio streaming quality according to different devices.

In addition, Streamable also allows users to embed videos into the website, providing responsive design (Responsive) or customizable player size, auto-play or mute, and copy and paste the generated syntax to use. Streamable has built-in simple video editing functions, which can adjust the length, volume, and crop video online without downloading and installing any additional tools.

Links : https://streamable.com/