Sudo Slider is a jQuery slider plugin that can display any HTML content with various presentation methods can load the items via Ajax and display them with slide or fade effects.  It is possible to set the slider to auto-create slide numbers, show prev-next buttons and/or make it work by simply firing an event (like clicking a link, submitting a form, etc.).


* Complete freedom to choose your HTML. Only restriction is that the slider is built from an unordered list.
* Sudo Slider can load images and html with Ajax
* Degrades nicely if no JavaScript. (Unless AJAX is used).
* Multiple sliders pr. page.
* Choose between a normal slide animation, or a fade animation.
* Bookmark and browser forward/back button support.
* Do almost anything you can imagine a slider doing.
* Fully supports IE6+, FF, Chrome, Opera, Safari etc.
* Handle any html inside the slides (images, text, flash-videos, a form (with validation) etc.)
* Slide automatically, turning it into a “slideshow”.
* It’s easy to set up, and even easier to customize.
* It can slide continuously, meaning that it goes in a loop if you keep sliding in one direction.
* Only 10KB minified

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