With the release of Transformers 4 moving ever closer, although there’s another 7 months, we now get to see what our favorite character looks like in his car form, and that is Bumblebee. As always he will be a yellow Camaro, and we were given a sneak peak of the vehicle in all its glory at SEMA 2013.

The Bumblebee Camaro was not the only car from Transformers 4 on show, but he was the headliner – we can’t seem to stop referring to the car as he, it’s just a habit. Who are we kidding Bumblebee is the real deal.

We have already seen images of the new Camaro on Michael bay’s website, but this is the first time that the sheets have been lifted off and was only shown off to people in the automotive industry.

There are several changes to the exterior of this version than that of the stock Camaro, which can be seen on the Autoblog website along with two other Chevrolet models that will appear in the movie next year.

A Corvette Stingray with a huge wing was on show and a rally-inspired Sonic RS. We just cannot wait to see what Bay has panned for Bumblebee next year and also that cool looking Stingray.


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