Google Fonts may be currently included in the largest number of free English font website, last year after the big revision, the original poor mobility and browsing inconvenience has been improved to a more simple design style, the overall browsing feeling is great! If you do not like its font search or testing capabilities, there are also developers to develop third-party applications, such as Font CDN better use of web font search tools, web pages can be quickly applied directly to the Google font Font Swap plugin or Better Font Finder The more intuitive font viewer is a free service worth trying out of this site.

This article is going to recommend an online tool, “Type Hero,” to quickly and instantly test Google Fonts font fonts in your browser. By simply pasting the text, you can directly switch Font Weight ), Style and font size, adjust the different text and background color and instantly displayed on the page.

While the Google Fonts site already has these features in its own right, it does not seem intuitively easy to use and can not convert text and background colors to look closer to the real display, but if you want to test the accuracy of certain Google Fonts fonts for specific content, size, The color display, Type Hero is to achieve the needs of online tools. Unfortunately, the font does not seem to contain complete, some can not find.